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Avoid fungus and mild which is grown on Wall AC HVAC pantry due to shut down of facilities

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Fungus and mold are the most common issues associated with the wall AC HVAC pantry due to the shutdown of facilities. In most cases, the drip pans can be the sole reason for the build-up. These pans are specially designed to collect the water produced by the cooling unit, and when the excess water doesn’t evaporate quickly then it automatically attracts the fungus and molds which rises in the damp environment. Molds are not only unsightly but also have various effects on your health as well and lead to various allergens. You need quick AC Maintenance services to get better solutions and cleaning services of your drain lines.

Steps you need to consider for the treatment of fungus and molds:

Make sure that your drain lines are not clogged:

If you wanted to avoid the growth of fungus and molds then periodically check your drain lines for a better flow of water with the help of Air Conditioning Companies. The drip pan is filled regularly when the air conditioning system is working. If your drain lines are not clean they can attract dirt and debris. A clogged drain line is one of the common and complex tasks which can be only fixed with the help of an AC Service expert.

Use bleach solutions for cleaning:

If your HVAC pantry is affected due to shut down of facilities and molds are already presented there then you need to make sure that you use the beach solution made up from the 1 bowl of bleach and 3 bowls of water. According to the Air Conditioning Repair Service experts bleach kills fungus and molds and prevent them to grow in the air conditioning systems.

You can use a wet cloth dipped in the bleach solutions and clean the affected area, now you can use a brush to clean the affected area. Once you clean the complete area after that pour mixture of bleach solution into your drain line. This can definitely remove the molds and fungus.

Check your unit regularly:

If you have followed all the steps and still have issues related to molds and fungus due to excessive water in the drip pan of your cooling unit. Now you can only rely on the professional Air Conditioning Contractors help. Now just make a call on the helpline number and get your units inspected and repaired on time.