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If I Replace My Outdoor Unit, Do I Need To Also Replace My Indoor Unit?

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Imagine, having issues with your cooling units when it's 90 degrees outside. Sound inconvenient? If yes, then you need to check out the condenser of your air conditioning systems. If they are working fine then the issues must be with any of the parts. Sometimes these issue can affect the whole performance and you need to ensure that you just replace that unit, or will you have to get the new inside portion as well.

Basics Of Air Conditioning System Replacements

Technically, you can only replace the outside portion of your installed air conditioning unit, after all, the only thing you have to consider is following laws and paying taxes.

In case, if one portion of your cooling unit stopped working then you need to check whether your installed unit has a warranty condenser. (For reference - condenser unit is placed outside your home) if it is in warranty then reach out to your service provider for affordable and genuine solutions.

But in most cases, you get the issues when the warranty expired. Every unit has a limited life and when it comes to air conditioning systems they only last up to 15 to 20 years. However, the average warranty of most cooling unit is 5 to 10 years.

If you checked and came to know that your systems are out of warranty then make sure that you replace both internal and external unit for the most common reasons; some of them are listed below:

Different Refrigerant Requirements

Every individual has different requirements that’s why they need a unit of different capacity, based on the unit you have options to choose refrigerants options too. But with the new environmental regulations, air conditioning coolants need to be handled carefully. Because if they are not maintained or are in inaccurate manner they can be poisonous and affect your health as well.


Both inside and outside units are designed to work together as if any one of them get affected you didn’t get reliable performances. In worst cases, if you have incompatible unit parts you end up paying higher utility bills and your air conditioning unit is unable to offer you the cooling as it is used to. Besides that air conditioning systems comes with different rating systems and size, or use different sized air filters and amount of fuel. And if you connect two different unit and condensers you may get severe malfunctions.

Installing Cost

If your installed outside unit is broken or malfunctioned then you didn’t get the reliable performances and it can affect the indoor unit as well. If you buy both units or get them installed at the same time you can save a great amount and get better performances without any hassle.

Need New Air Conditioning Installation

At trusted captain, we are ready to assist and help you out with the best possible installation solutions. If you have any concern related to your air conditioning system get reliable solutions from experts within no time. Just make a call on our helpline number at any time of the day and get a perfect cooling experience as per your convenience.