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Common Mistakes You May Do While Performing Backflow Preventer Install At Your Home!

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Most issues can result when you perform the improper and ineffective Backflow Preventer Install at your place. These can affect your complete experience and results in high and recurring maintenance costs and high risk as well.
Here we have mentioned some common mistakes you need to avoid while performing Backflow Preventer Install at your home.


The Backflow Preventer Install at an easily accessible place. When you forget to maintain the clearances you need to face a lot of trouble as test cocks may be out of reach when you try to fix the issues. So, make sure that you provide sufficient space for better comfort, easily facilitate future inspections, maintenance and testing.

No Wye Strainer Upstream

You have to face a lot of trouble because of the debris and dust if you don’t have a wye strainer upstream, In case the debris stuck in the backflow installer, you need to connect with the professional as it can damage the whole system and made it inoperable. To control these issues make sure that you install the wye strainer upstream with the backflow preventer. This surely increases the efficiency, control severe damages and protect your pipes from containments.

Backflow Preventer Install Vertically

When your Backflow Preventer Install vertically with the downward flow of water you can get various issues as the water pressure flow backwards and the weight of the Water Column In Pipes Prevents the closing of check valves in case of the back pressures. So, always avoid the vertical installations.

Backflow Preventer Install More Than 5 Feet

You need to make sure that you have installed your systems lower than 5 feet from the ground as it helps you in-field testing, maintenance and repairing in ineffective and optimum conditions. It is very beneficial when you’re Backflow Preventer Install at the lower levels.

Improper Installation Of Backflow Preventer (RP)

According to the expert plumbers, your RP must be installed nearby a floor drain as it can enhance the performance and control the risk of valve leaks. To avoid major water damage, you need to make sure that your drain pipe is connected directly and terminated with an indirect floor connection. Moreover, make sure that you use a drain pipe that is of perfect size supported with the air break panel under the port made with the Drain Fitting Connection. To get better performance the use of air break is essential.

If you ever need any help with the Backflow Preventer Install, make sure that you dial helpline number of trusted captain for better and effective solutions that suit your budget as well